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List of Timeshare Owners

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List of Timeshare Owners

The Lenders Marketing Timeshare Owners List is compiled of verified, responsive timeshare owners. Many of the individuals on this timeshare owners list feel they were either tricked into purchasing the timeshare or no longer want it due to financial difficulties or an overall change in heart. Timeshare Owners Arroyo Robels Bayclub Costa Vida Vallarta Diamond Resorts Disney Resorts Embassy Resorts Fairfield Resorts Glen Ivy Hilton Resorts Kona Coast Maritime Beach Club Marriott Resorts Pacific Monarch Resorts Peppertree Resorts Riviera Beach and Spa Resort Sands Ocean Club Schooner Beach. This is a list of the major timeshare companies worldwide.. Timeshare companies. Company Office Resort locations Number of resort Number of rooms Number of owners. As a timeshare owner, knowing the ins and outs of your specific ownership not only makes it easier for you to utilize it, but can also simplify the selling and renting process. Timeshare owners looking to get rid of their timeshare will be happy to know the secondary market is a viable option with entire online platforms dedicated to buying and selling individually-owned vacation ownerships. List of Timeshare Owners  CAS’s Timeshare Owner & Responder Masterfile is a multi-sourced (compiled from many different sources, also known as cross-verified), highly accurate, qualified, and responsive marketing list of (1) Verified Timeshare Owners & (2) Individuals who have expressed an interest in owning a Timeshare property. This marketing file is sucessfully used for direct mail, telemarketing campaigns, or opt-in email marketing deployments.This is a compiled list which includes: 18k Internet Optin Timeshare Owners 2016, 36k 2016 Diamond Optins Timeshare, 40k Internet optin Timeshare Owners, 32k Wyndham Timeshare Owners, 18k Starwood Timeshare Owners, 88k Starwood Timeshare Owners, 38k Diamond Flamingo Timeshare Owners, 41k Starwood Timeshare Guests 2016-2017, 41k Starwood Timeshare …