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Occupant Resident Mailing List

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Occupant Resident Mailing List

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The Occupant Database is the most accurate saturation mailing list available. Updated monthly via the U.S. Postal Service. The database is 100% ZIP+4+2 and Carrier Route Coded. Our Occupant Mail Addresses can be used for National, Regional and Neighborhood Occupant Mailings. Occupant Resident Mailing List

Gain access to nearly every household in the nation with our occupant mailing lists! Direct marketing at the resident level can be difficult, but List Service Direct gives you the most accurate and up-to-date addresses in the industry. Resident, or occupant lists include all addresses in a geographic area and contain the address, city, state, ZIP, and carrier route code for all deliverable addresses.Easily create an occupant/resident mass mailing list for your marketing and research needs. You can even refine your occupant mailing list with geographic and demographic selections—including percentage of homeowners and single-family dwellings, median age, income, home value, and length of residence—and still meet postal route discount parameters.An occupant list is a saturation mailing list. The occupant list is the most accurate saturation mailing list that is available. It is updated monthly through the U.S.P.S. The database is ZIP+4+2 & Carrier Route Coded. Occupant mailing addresses can be used for mailing to National, Regional and Neighborhood Occupants.Our resident occupant list covers virtually every mailing address in the USPS® system. It gives you better overall address coverage and the lowest possible postage rates available. It’s the perfect option if you are trying to prospect for the lowest possible price. Residential Saturation List Advantage. Resident Occupant List. Saturation, Walk-Sequence. Complete Coverage, Maximum Postal Discount. Base Price: $10/M, Min. $150.00. 142MM Seasonally Adjusted Addresses. Updated: Monthly. BB Direct’s Residential Mailing List (a.k.a. Res/Occ mailing list) is a saturation level, carrier route walk-sequence database. The fully saturated postal carrier …Base rate is only $7.50 per thousand records. So, remember…even though this type of mailing list is referred to as an occupant or saturation list, DietrichDirect’s Resident Databank has an incredible array of features, data and selections available to make it behave more like it’s more costly neighbor…Our Consumer Databank.