How to Build an Email List Fast

In this article I want to help internet Bermuda email lists marketers learn how to build an email list fast. Any one who has an online/offline business or wants to make serious cash needs a list. Basically your list is your database. Having a list builds trust between you and your customer and it encourages your customers to make multiple purchases. You know how sensitive people are with their credit cards and purchasing online, they need someone they can TRUST.

Now let’s look at what you will need to build a list:

* An Autoresponder

* Website/Blog

* Squeeze Page

* Give Away or Free Gift

* Traffic

And these are just the basic things you will need to build your list, there’s also joint venture. I didn’t include that because you will need a list of at least 500 people to do JV’s, and this is where you grow your numbers very fast, not just fast, but very fast. When I say numbers I’m referring to your subscribers and MONEY. At the end of the day it’s all about the Benjamins.

Your autoresponder will help you capture people’s email addresses and their names. Keep it simple, their name and email is all you need. It can turn people off if they have to put in their personal details like home address/telephone/country, don’t make them feel like they are writing an exam.

Use your website or blog to provide value and gain trust, your website visitors have to see you as an expert. If you don’t know a lot about your niche or run out of ideas visit article directories and pick one article and post it on your blog or website. People love videos just go to YouTube and post one video to your site. Place your autoresponder code to each and every page if you are using a website. Don’t place it at the bottom it must always be the first thing your site visitor must see.

You can also use a squeeze page to capture people’s emails. It does not need to be fancy or be a long sales letter; you are giving them something for free, so there’s no need to sell them. I use squeeze pages of less than a 100 words and they work. You must give them something for free in exchange for their email address. If you don’t have anything to give away for free then get an eBook or video that has got PLR rights, something that you have full rights to give away. You can even compile your old blog posts and put them into one PDF.

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