Email List Cleaning Is Not So Clean After All

If, after searching Google for email list Zwitserland Email database validation and you find half a dozen companies who sell “do-it-yourself” software for $100 and your response is, “This sounds too good to be true,” I would definitely agree with you. Buying a piece of software off the web for under $100 that will validate your email address list from your home computer is nothing more than a pipe dream. It will never work, and you will waste a few hours of unnecessary hassle trying to make it work. You can thank me now for saving you much wasted time and energy. Rather, keep the $100 bucks and consider it a gift from me to you.

A good provider of list verification services is hard to come by. So you might be asking yourself, “Who can I use and trust to provide email list cleaning and validation services for my business?” There are a few options to consider. Large corporations that are equipped with software and technological capabilities to perform legitimate email validation services do exist, but normally charge exorbitant fees. Off-shore or one-man companies who are reasonably priced, but fail to deliver as promised, is also another hurdle to overcome when looking for a reliable company. You would think that, before handing off your most prized consumer or business email database for cleaning and validation to the wrong hands, your search for the most reputable company out there would be a priority.

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